I worked as a Program Manager and Instructional Designer for Amazon’s Recruiter Academy Program. The Recruiter Academy was a 26-week program that taught 18 students the Event Recruiting Process Model as used at Amazon. Met the needs of current program and to productize the entire program for Global release.


  • Developed a syllabus for a 26-week technical Recruiter Training Program’s event-recruiting process.
  • Created over 20 courses (Word, PPTs, Job Aids, and supporting materials) in 3+ mos.
  • Created a Wiki and SharePoint infrastructure to deliver courses, separate published from review and student sandbox courses.

Here are links to several items I developed for Amazon:

  • Introduction to SharePoint training – The documentation set included a ReadMe.doc, PPT, and Word document but only the document is included.
  • Job Aides: I created these Core Requirement job aides for three roles. They are on 4×6″ laminated cards.
  • Events Model Training – The documentation set included a ReadMe.doc, PPT, and Word document but only the document is included.


I’ve worked at Intuit five times over a 10-year period in permanent and contract positons in the following senior-level roles:

  • Technical Writer/Instructional Designer for Product Infrastructure (most recently)
  • Program Manager for Technical Learning Services
  • Instructional Designer for IT

The Hosting Demand Management (HDM) project was a ServiceNow implementation. I worked as an instructional designer, technical writer, backup project manager, and also provided some ServiceNow training. I also set up the tools, provided training, and co-ran the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions prior to go-live using a ServiceNow customized UAT application.

Hosting Demand Management Project
ServiceNow Hosting Demand Management

The SharePoint site is the first page of a team site I created to represent who people should speak to if they wanted to engage our team. We provided services for the rest of the platform infrastructure business unit.

Asset ManagementServiceNow Missing Asset Entry

    • While at Intuit we implemented Asset Management in ServiceNow. The first iteration was complicated but I documented the process by concentrating on what the normal process was and then dealing with the one-offs.

Web Architechture Application Training

Web Architecture Application (WAP) is a web-based component-based application used by Intuit software developers to build customer-facing applications with shared features. Key reasons to use included faster development time, smoother automation, and brought ownership of components to the business units who sponsored them so developers worked on their own applications and used components for identity, security, and other areas of specialized services. I wrote this hybrid training document (a PowerPoint presentation with more information so it can be used like a manual on a standalone basis).